Winds of Changes

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As a digital design firm, our lives are all about change. How else could we be celebrating more than 10 years in business? We are always proud to say that we have seen companies come and go and yet our company has continued to prosper and grow through the years.  

We are consistently amazed at the changes that have happened over the years and how they impact our clients' wants and needs. Our laser focus ensures that we provide the best service with the personal attention our clients value.  In contrast, with the sea developers and service providers, the market has become oversaturated. The Web-only business has become a commodity, where almost anyone can do it, but it can be a challenge finding skilledpeople to trust.   

Luckily, we saw the writing on the wall. We revised our services so that we are not “one trick pony” shop. We have multiple skills that help in every type of technology project. This means we work closely with our clients to ensure their technology project is a success.

  • Technology Coordination
  • Program and Project Management Services
  • Virtual Project Management Strategies
  • Document Management
  • Training
  • Web Development (of course!)

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Data-Scribe, a division of VelaMira, Inc., is an information technology systems integration and modernization firm that takes our clients on a journey through our Think + Write + Build disciplines. Our nationwide team specializes in business analysis, project management, technical communication, website, and training services for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

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